What is ​​Shimmoodo(Shimmudo, Simmudo)?


 Shim moo do(Shimmudo, Simmudo)  Martial Arts translated itself, the meaning of this word is about the natural language being released literally, which means "the mind of martial arts". Shimmoodo used body movements or gestures to convey specific messages from our inner mind. This is literally our mind flows within us conciously that has tendency of going to mind where the body is going. Writes that  his body can be manuvered on his own. Be used for this body of practical martial arts is sharp, soft middle, the move is in the flow of moving the center of the mind, finding stillness finds a simple gesture of folding..

of folding and unfolding of the knees and elbows through to get to. Most of these tools have been specially adapted for use by ordinary people. Shim moo do(Shimmudo, Simmudo)  martial arts, there is no way that disciplined severely enough to cause flesh body become muscle mass, built in specific areas. Rather, the opposite is the case. It is to create the moment that has to watch the reaction of your body. It has to remove the unnecessary force to clear your mind, gently, like a wind flow. It is to control the mind at the last moment of shock loading timing. Shim moo do martial arts is to get to know and...

Shim moo do(Shimmudo, Simmudo)  martial arts is to get to know and to train the body after understand the body's flow with own self-esteem.


At the final moment of impact, the mind conveys the shock to the opponent. Shim moo do(Shimmudo, Simmudo) is about the process of getting to know one’s body, correct positioning, bodily awareness and self-knowledge. Reacting to the target musn't make the practitioner vulnerable. The purpose of the martial arts is to resist to negative behaviour and cultivate self-protection instincts. It is to control. Martial arts such as Shimmudo nurture temperance and the real freedom of inner strength.

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